Mammary intercourse is a sex act, performed as foreplay or as non-penetrative sex, that involves the stimulation of the male penis by the female breasts and vice versa. A female dominant in a master/slave relationship is often termed a Mistress, not to be confused with the colloquial usage of mistress as a kept sexual partner without a similarly formalized power relationship. Clothes wetting: The person is sexually aroused by wetting one clothing or observing another person doing so. A homosexual threesome would involve either three men or three women. Bondage/BDSM Bondage pornography features performers tied up or constrained in various ways. In more vigorous forms of fisting, such as punching or punchfisting, a fully clenched fist may be inserted and withdrawn slowly. The phrase is commonly found on porn sites. It is commonly depicted in pornography, but very rarely in mainstream cinema. Such explicit sexual interaction is seen only rarely in public play spaces, and it is sometimes specifically banned by the rules of a party or playspace. It is used, for example, at fertility clinics to stimulate sperm donors. Now facial cumshots are regularly portrayed milf porno in pornographic films, videos, magazines and internet web sites. In academic discourse, racial fetishism is a postcolonialist term found in the writings of authors such as Homi K. Hentai is the various forms of Japanese pornography, including H-manga, H-anime, and H-computer games. Pornographic films present sexual fantasies and usually include erotically stimulating material such as nudity. BDSM actions can often take place during a specific period of time agreed to by both parties, referred to as play, a scene or a session. Films with risque content commenced to be produced soon after the invention of the motion picture in the 1880s. Real enema shots or videos of true medical situations may violate privacy laws in some countries. Homi Bhabha defined the idea of a racial fetish in contrast to the idea of the Freudian sexual fetish which he describes a denial of difference, where the male sees the female as a castrated male, seeing missing parts rather than a different anatomy. The beauty of Florida’s
Sunrises and sunsets,
Shorelines and beaches,
Clouds and forests…

...Captured in black and white gelatin silver prints.
Ethereal. Unique. Sources of Awe,
inspiration and spiritual delight
in what God created
and intended for us to cherish and preserve.


© Marilyn Brown
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